Unrivalled Rottest Pump

    Rottest has designed and produced the pump that can work for the longest period of time among similar machines in the pressure washing industry. Thanks to this pump with 1.5 liter oil tank, largest in the market, it can minimize the abrasion due to heat and fraction. Ceramic pistons are used while producing the Rottest pump, instead of stainless steel pistons. Thanks to pistons that are completely made of ceramic, abrasion are prevented and pump life is prolonged. Besides it is possible to adjust pressure and flow via crank sha






    Thanks to the completely ceramic pistons, abrasion caused by fraction is minimized. Compared to the ceramic coated or stainless steel pistons in market, it is much more long-lasting.



    Each Rottest pump has 3 galvanised cylindrical sleeve to protect the pump body against abrasion.