Car Washing Overview

    Carwash industry is one of the common industry that you can use high pressure washers. Rottest high pressure washers have been commonly prefered by carwash industry. Specifically Rottest models have been engineered and designed to meet carwash industry needs. You can set yourself to start deep cleaning with models, basically launched with hot & cold water, trigger & nontrigger models.


    Why you should prefer Rottest High Pressure Washers?

    We work hard everyday in order to our customers could use our trouble-free and high performance machines over the years. We are intend on furthering our product quality programme. Today we are still the unrivaled in the market who desigs and produces the most reliable pump. As you know that the pump is the main part of a high pressure washer machine, for this reason, we work hard to develop best in class pump. 1,5 liters of lubricating oil sump, solid ceramic pistons, crank shaft which let you set pressure and water flow are the main specifications of the pump serves you over the years, non stop and makes you gain more income. For this reason Rottest pump never let you down!