General Overview

    Rottest pressure cleaners have optional accessories. Accomplish all your seemingly impossible work in a short time with customized machine accessories. You can start cleaning in no time by choosing the accessories for your need.





    Water Sand Blaster  

    Rottest water sand blaster sprays pressure water and abrasive sand simultaneously. The apparatus operates with one end connected to the machine nozzle and the other end immersed into the sand tank. Water combined with the abrasive effect of sand makes it very easy to remove paint, heavy dirt, rust stains and residual plaster. It is most often used in construction sites and is effective on metal and stone surfaces.


    Rotojet  (Rotary nozzle)

    Rottest rotojet nozzle helps you achieve much higher cleaning performance. When using standard nozzle, the water leaving the nozzle on your machine follows a linear path. But with Rotojet nozzle, water leaves the machine making a spiral movement. Leaving the nozzle in spiral movement, the liquid cleans the target area much more effectively with its boosted kinetic energy.



    High Pressure Chemical Spray Apparatus

    With Rottest high pressure chemical spray apparatus, the detergent may be sprayed from the machine nozzle directly under high pressure. The apparatus operates with one end connected to the detergent tank and the other end connected to the nozzle. 





    Canalization Hose

    Rottest channelization hose helps you easily remove congestions in inaccessible areas such as pipes, eaves, channels and drains. The thin hose and the special nozzle progress through the channel with the help of pressure and remove the congestions.



    Hose Options

    Rottest pressure cleaners have standard hoses of 10 or 12 metres as well as the optional hoses of 15 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres, 50 metres and 100 metres according to your requirements. No matter how large your area of application is, you can work as you like without any pressure reductions. 



    Quick Coupling Jack Connection

    The parts of Rottest pressure washers are connected to each other with a screw system. For convenience and for saving time, connections such as gun, hose etc. may be transformed into a plug system using jack connections.



    Detergent Nozzle and Dosing Connection

    Using Rottest dosing detergent nozzle makes it possible to spray watery detergent by controlling the nozzle. Only water and low pressure detergent can be applied according to the setting on the nozzle. The chemical is drawn from the detergent tank by way of the dosing connection attached to the hose connection between the machine and the gun.



    Sand and Mud Filter

    Rottest sand and mud filter helps retain the particles within the water flowing into your machine. This prevents any possible damage to tha machine pump that may be caused by the particles (sand, grit, mud etc.)